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At Garand, we are 90% focused on residential design and construction. This focus has allowed us to achieve a deep understanding of what makes a house a great home. Out of respect for our peers,  we won't say we are better designers, but we are comfortable in stating that once we are satisfied with our design solution, few designers could find a better one.

Claude Garand  M. Arch.  P. Eng.

Home Design in Ottawa

Our Design Philosophy

Spatial Planning  >  Exterior Form  >  Interior Design​
At Garand, we are 90% focused on residential design and building. This focus has allowed us to achieve a deep understanding of what makes a house a great home. While we consider all elements of home design important, we place strong emphasis on spatial planning. We believe that the best design starts with uncompromising interior space. As such, while we consider the exterior form important, we will not compromise on finding the optimum spatial solution on every project. The result is delightful, zen-like, light-filled spaces, fluid flow patterns and more living space per square foot.  Out of respect for our peers,  we won't say we are better, but we are comfortable in stating that once we are satisfied with our design solution, few designers could find a better one. As a result, our clients get more usable space, light and spaciousness, with less square footage, less materials, ultimately at less cost, with less surface to clean and maintain in the future. As such, the cost of our design services are more than nullified by savings on hard material costs during construction.

Elegant, Striking Architecture
We seek to create refreshing architecture that achieves a perfect balance between visual impact and tranquility resulting in elegant, striking buildings, without losing site of what we believe are the main priorites - how the spaces we create will feel and function at all levels, now and in the future, ensuring our clients are delighted in the long term.

Light and Space
Once you have had ample natural light, it is difficult to live without it, especially during winter months in Canada. We have always understood this element and we have become masters at bringing light into main living spaces, and directing that light laterally on long wall, floor and ceiling surfaces to maximize it’s impact.

Sheltering Roof
Throughout our history, and well into the 19th century, we have always associated protection and comfort from a sloped roof - it had to be sloped to shed water when made of straw. This is still present within us sub-conciously. While a flat roof is presently the norm for modern designs, it is interesting to note that many home-owners of flat roof houses made possible by technology and very popular in the 50s (Mid Century Modern), many of those home-owners had their houses renovated eventually to a sloped roof. Whenever possible and unless the client dictates otherwise, we will always propose a sloped roof and some interior space where you can 'feel' the slope with ceiling parallel to the outer slope, ideally in the main living space.

Inside/Outside Connection
Whether the project is located in a  virgin forest or an urban setting, our design solution is always a response to context and the site surroundings. We strive to create a strong connection between interior spaces and the outdoors. Structure, materials, glazing and door openings work together to express as seamless a transition as possible between inside and outside.​

Environmental Responsibility
We integrate respect for the environment into site design, building design as well as the use of sustainable materials and building techniques. Our site planning is always a careful integration of building to site, maximizing preservation of the surrounding natural environment. Ou practice is knowledgeable with regard to sustainable building techniques, materials and technologies, as well as energy efficient design.