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We are 90% focused on residential design and construction. This focus has allowed us to achieve a deep understanding of what makes a house a great home. Out of respect for our peers,  we won't say we are better designers, but we are comfortable in stating that once we are satisfied with our design solution, few designers could find a better one. 

 Claude Garand  M. Arch.  P. Eng.

  Project Experience​​
   Multi-Unit Projects        Ski Chalets           ​​  House Transformations​

   Custom Homes            Cottages                 Temporary Housing

   Renovations                  Boathouses            Remote Site Construction

   Additions                        Greenhouses         ​Phased House projects

   Planning and Interior Design for Commercial Spaces

  Core Competencies​

  >  Urban and Country  -  modern, contemporary, Craftsman

  >  Integration of Modern additions to Traditional buildings

  >  High-level spatial planning / maximum space utilisation

   >  Low cost / affordable housing strategies

  >  Capturing natural light and lighting design

  >  Creative Configurations for small infill sites

  >  Sustainable design, techniques, technologies

  >  Energy efficiency, solar energy, mechanical systems

  >  Greenhouse design and systems

  >  Structural Engineering

  >  Condo Corporation Studies, Repair and Maintenance Projects.


Project Experience / Competencies

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