Why Garand

​>  A documented high level of design excellence and client satisfaction. See Testimonials and Awards.

>   Our 90%+ focus on designing homes, home additions and renovations for over 37 years.

>   Our design philosophy: Spatial Planning  >  Exterior Form  >  Interior Design. ​see Design Philosophy.
>   The solution for your project is developed by Claude Garand, a highly creative Architect, Engineer and                  Builder of over 300 homes, additions and renovation projects before focusing entirely on design.                            See Gallery: Reno/Additions City Houses  Country Houses  Multi-Family
>   Claude's creativity, high level knowledge in design, engineering and construction results in a cost optimised          solution which more than covers our design fees with savings on construction costs. Essentially                            free design, technical drawings and process management.

>    We will provide a design solution we are confident is the best solution, and one you will be thrilled with both          at project completion and over time.
​>   Integrated Design and Construction > client interfaces with one point of contact throughout the project.

      See Services - Integrated Design/Build
>   The designer manages the construction process ensuring the intention of the design is carried out exactly.
  We work with associate builders with whom we have a collaborative working relationship and track record.
  The builder is proposed by us based on expertise, experience, value, approach, geographic location and              an established working relationship.

 We are confident in stating that by entrusting your project to Garand, you will enjoy the process from start to          finish and never regret your choice.

Winner of 12 Housing Design Awards

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